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Please email your request before you call.

The Builder's Benefit

As a builder your business depends on your customer's ability to purchase your inventory. By sending your client's to us and being a member of our Builder Marketing Program you will be able to reach more qualified buyers.

In an increasingly hard market for financing and lower LTV's (Loan to Value) requirements from lender's our services and program for builder's provide you with a strong tool for moving inventory.

If you have inventory and are a motivated builder our program can help move your inventory and get you cashed out.

If you have questions please contact us at:

consulting { AT } dpaservicing . com

You will need to remove the { AT } and replace with a @ sign and remove all spaces from our email address.

Send with your emailed request the following:

1) Your Name:
2) Your role in the proposal:
3) Location of your proposal project (city/state):
4) Your budget for our initial consultation and what you are looking for in return:
5) A detailed 2-3 paragraph overview of your proposal (if we can't see clearly in 2-3 minutes the extraordinary value of your project - our investors will not see it either. They need to be able to see it quickly and easily.)