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Private Equity Investors Seeking $50mm+ Deals

Our investor interests are primarily focused on acquisitions. We are looking for principals who manage or own large companies with large assets and or partners, investors, majority shareholders or management who can deliver a majority equity stake in companies. Our equity investors are willing to consider all proposals from authorized individuals capable of delivering a majority interest in the company to our equity investors. Your title and position is not of primary interest, but rather if you can deliver what we are looking for.

Brokers, finders, investors and consultants are welcome to contact us on behalf of a proposal of such companies that they may have contacts capable of delivering the company on these terms. If your project is of interest we will then notify you to proceed. Our hourly consulting fee ranges from project to project based on the nature and complexity of the your project. We are willing to work with individuals who are confident they can deliver the project they are presenting. If you are not confident you can deliver the project you are proposing please do not send it as we have a high volume and are only able to focus on projects with clients who are confident they can deliver them.

To proceed please contact us at:

consulting { AT } dpaservicing . com

You will need to remove the { AT } and replace with a @ sign and remove all spaces from our email address.

Send with your emailed request the following:

1) Your Name:
2) Your role in the proposal:
3) Location of your proposal project (city/state):
4) Your budget for our initial consultation and what you are looking for in return:
5) A detailed 2-3 paragraph overview of your proposal (if we can't see clearly in 2-3 minutes the extraordinary value of your project - our investors will not see it either. They need to be able to see it quickly and easily.)