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Please email your request before you call.

About DPA Servicing

About DPA Servicing

DPA Servicing has a combined network of consults in the real estate valued added financial services niche that has adapted to the changing markets and will continue to do so. Our group of associates and consults have established themselves as one of the most experienced and competitive in the value added services markets. Our network because of this is able to provide you the funds you need fast, at a low cost and with more flexibility than you are likely to find elsewhere. We do not promise or guarantee this as we do not shop our products with others (primarily because few offer them), but also because we have more volume than we can take as such will pick and choose the best of the projects presented. If these terms are not acceptable to you please do not submit your project to us. 

How does your group work?

All parties involved in a transaction get value and benefit from our services. We work with a network of sources that can fund deals and offer benefits and terms typically only found in the good old boys (or girls) clubs where knowing the right people is helpful. Our greatest strength is our established reputation as a respected and trusted group. We don't need your deal and it is doubtful your deal is going to be one of the larger deals we have been a part of working as such if we do not choose to proceed on your deal do not take offense to it as we have more business than we are able to take so have to select not just what is a good deal, but has the right aspects for what we can bring at the time for the deal. That will change from time to time as our investors will have open slots and not from time to time of which will impact what we are able to consider.

For help with your deal please email us for a form to fill out for pricing and to see how your deal needs to be structured. It is best to get this before you sign any contract for a property to insure the deal is structured correct before you make the offer.

If you have questions please contact us at:

consulting { AT } dpaservicing . com

You will need to remove the { AT } and replace with a @ sign and remove all spaces from our email address.

Our hourly consulting fee ranges from project to project based on the nature and complexity of the your project. We are willing to work with individuals who are confident they can deliver the project they are presenting. If you are not confident you can deliver the project you are proposing please do not send it as we have a high volume and are only able to focus on projects with clients who are confident they can deliver them.

Send with your emailed request the following:

1) Your Name:
2) Your role in the proposal:
3) Location of your proposal project (city/state):
4) Your budget for our initial consultation and what you are looking for in return:
5) A detailed 2-3 paragraph overview of your proposal (if we can't see clearly in 2-3 minutes the extraordinary value of your project - our investors will not see it either. They need to be able to see it quickly and easily.)